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Frozen’s Water Part 3: Where it MELTS

In Batman Begins, Rutger Hauer’s character leans over a young Bruce Wayne and tells the boy he’ll keep the company safe until the lad is old

FROZEN’s Water Part 2: Where it’s SOLID.

“Can I say something crazy?” Disney’s Frozen isn’t just funny (we lauded the humor in our first post) and while we can enjoy great moments (like

FROZEN’s Water Part 1: Where it’s a GAS!

“Oh, look at that. I’ve been impaled.” When the first previews came out for Frozen, I confess: it didn’t impress me. It looked more like a

LONE SURVIVOR’s Best Kept Secret

“If I die I need you to make sure that Cindy knows how much I love her… And that I died with my brothers – with
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Tigers, Elephants, & A Slice of PI

 by guest reviewer Andrew Thompson The Life of Pi is a stunning tale that takes us into the story of a young man adrift at sea
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Experiencing PARANOIA with Liam Hemsworth

Paranoia debuted on Blu-ray and DVD this week, as well as a variety of other formats. While not the sharpest thriller tool in the cinematic toolshed,

IRON MAN THREE – A Stark Christmas Carol

An anxiety-ridden Stark must deal with control issues in the third Iron Man film, the third installment in shell-head’s franchise spun into a pulpy throwback thriller. Following
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GRAVITY from down under

It seems the new film by Alfonso Cuaron orbited into Australia’s view before I could feel the GRAVITY of the hit film starring Sandra Bullock and
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NOW YOU SEE ME, Now I Review

“First rule of magic: always be the smartest person in the room.” On my recent Australian whirlwind tour, I shared a pint with Ben McEachen, who