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A “god’s” legacy in TRON

“Your father was the creator.” – Quorra, from Tron: Legacy Jeff Bridges doesn’t play a divine trinity in Tron Legacy, but he does present a curious
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Going UP?

In Pixar’s UP, an undeniably delicious treat for the senses, Carl Frederickson is chafing against the age-old aging process lamented in Ecclesiastes 12, and sets out
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How to Train your Content

Things have really taken off with Cinemagogue, from increasing emails to a a few interviews culminating in articles to more connections with writers, pastors and filmmakers.

Weak God, Limp Lucifer & Wooden Jesus

Although we discussed imperfect Greek gods, and modern myths of a “more fallible Creator” in the last post, the new Clash of the Titans DOES stray

Perseus damns the gods (Thank God!)

The gods need US! They need our prayers! – Cassiopeia, Clash of the Titans I mentioned in the first Clash of the Titans post that we’d

Clash of the CLASH of the Titans…

I was SO not impressed. Why did we need a remake of Clash of the Titans? And what about that inaugural tagline: “Titans will Clash”? Ugh,
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Our Savior in AVATAR

(this is the last post in a series, click here for the introduction to our series on James Cameron’s AVATAR.) Then I saw an angel standing
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New Birth, Blue Birth in AVATAR

“Every person is born twice. The second time is when you earn your place among the people forever.” – Avatar (click here for the introduction to
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DeprAVATAR of man

The human race sucks. Seriously, if there’s one thing James Cameron and John Calvin might agree on, it’s the depravity of man. The pivotal scene in Avatar,