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One last BIG kick from INCEPTION

Well, Christopher Nolan’s film has received it’s Oscar nod, and yet I have a feeling the Academy will wind up giving our “Best Picture” to something
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The Worldview of an ELF (via Will Ferrell)

A special son raised in a Christmas paradise is sent south to a much harsher world where he sees the darkness in the world and overcomes
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TRON proves ’82 debut was not the “end of line”…

In 1982, TRON was passed over for an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects because the Academy felt the movie “cheated” by using a computer (seven
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It all keeps coming back to the BOOK (of Eli)

Right now, Inception and The Book of Eli are battling in my mind for best film of the year. We’ve already visited the post-apocalyptic vision by
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HURT LOCKER is the Bomb…

“Sometimes you get to a point in life where you only love a few things, maybe even just one.” Those haunting words in The Hurt Locker
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Going UP?

In Pixar’s UP, an undeniably delicious treat for the senses, Carl Frederickson is chafing against the age-old aging process lamented in Ecclesiastes 12, and sets out

DISTRICT 9 showcases (un?)likely hero

As mentioned in my commentary on the Oscars and Cinemagogue’s Top 10 for 2010, the surprising gem District 9 ranked high on the list; although it didn’t
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STAR TREK (part 2) BOLDLY goes back

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has changed the Best Picture nomination section to include TEN nominees this year… but somehow I doubt my
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Whispers Through my GRAN TORINO

For an actor with many "defining" roles to his name, this is one of his