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A Sleeper Hit

A review of “INSOMNIA” by James Harleman – Starring Al Pacino and Robin Williams – Directed by Christopher Nolan – 1 hour 58 minutes,┬árated R The
cinema reviews

Close Your Eyes and Prey

A review of “Hannibal” review by James Harleman Hannibal Lecter Anthony Hopkins Clarice Starling Julianne Moore Mason Verger Gary Oldman Paul Krendler Ray Liotta Giancarlo Giannini
cinema reviews

Empty Welles

A review of “Citizen Kane” by James Harleman Starring Orson Welles, Directed by Orson Welles 2 hrs. 23 min. The film begins at the end. then

Fight Makes Right…

A review of “FIGHT CLUB” by James Harleman Starring Brad Pitt Edward Norton Helena Bonham Carter Directed by David Fincher Based on the book by┬áChuck Palahniuk