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14 movies for 2014: The Cinemagogue Lineup

Once again, it’s that time of year when Hollywood’s snobbery surfaces with Oscar-sized pats on the back for pretentious cinematic achievements that didn’t make much money… Okay,
cinema reviews

The Problem of (Deliver us From) EVIL

The latest horror entry from director Scott Derrickson, Deliver us from Evil, is not the strongest entry in the horror genre. However, as one part police
cinema reviews

Oh God… You’re in my Fiction?

Nury Vittachi recently published an article on the Science 2.0 website entitled “Scientists Discover that atheists might not exist, and that’s not a joke“ and, while
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X-Men: Reviews of Future Podcast

Sometimes you need to do things as a team. Wolverine learned this over the course of seven films, and now goes back to disciple the man

Cutting to the Core: Finding the Meta-narrative

In 2008 I was asked to write an article for Collide Magazine. In a lot of ways this treatise on story served as a primer for

Never LEGO of hope for reconciliation

“Nobody ever said I was special!” – President Business In our last look at The LEGO Movie (soon to be on Blu-ray/DVD) there will be *a lot

Learning to LEGO of toxic lordship

The LEGO Movie might wind up on my short list for movie of the year, despite all the tantalizing offerings from Godzilla to Dinobots and myriad Marvel

LEGO and let God.

by guest reviewer Andrew Thompson Does “the man upstairs” desire us to simply follow instructions, going about our days and routines, thinking “everything is awesome”? Or
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Frozen’s Water Part 3: Where it MELTS

In Batman Begins, Rutger Hauer’s character leans over a young Bruce Wayne and tells the boy he’ll keep the company safe until the lad is old